Custom Radio Frequency Interference Cans – Center Fixed Ear (Type A)

Acro’s Radio Frequency Interference Cans are a seamless deep drawn enclosure. RFI Cans are available in custom sizes. RFI Can covers are included and sized to fit can.



Acro RFI Can – Design Type A is a Radio Frequency Interference Can that has fixed ears at the center of the can for attaching to your equipment. These RFI cans are a seamless deep drawn enclosure. RFI Cans include covers that are sized to fit the can. Radio Frequency Interference Cans serve as shielding covers for electronic circuits to safeguard them against electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI). These protective covers offer a budget-friendly way to prevent any undesirable RF radiation from causing disruptions within the circuits.

Additional information


Aluminum, Brass, Cold Rolled Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel


Thickness .019-.031 = +/-.003, Thickness .036-.048 = +/-.004, Thickness .010-.016 = +/-.002, Thickness .048+ = +/-.004

Allowable Burr

Thickness .010-.016 = 0.0015, Thickness .019-.031 = 0.0025, Thickness .036-.048 = 0.004, Thickness .048+ = 0.005

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