About Acro Metal Stamping

tight tolerance and complex metal component manufacturing

Since 1942, Acro Metal Stamping, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been producing precision production stampings in all shapes, sizes and materials. We provide competitive pricing utilizing the latest technology in the metal stamping industry to provide top quality products with our state-of-the-art equipment.


Over 75 years of Experience

Our workforce is highly trained and our equipment is updated to meet any requirement, this includes a fully programmable Servo presses featuring accuracy within microns. From sheet metal stamping to carbon steel, brass, copper, and plastics, we work with any material you need, at any thickness..

ACRO Metal Stamping has a complete in-house toolroom that can design, engineer and manufacture all types of compound, progressive, draw and prototype tooling to meet your requirements. We also have wire EM capabilities. We will store, repair and maintain your dies at no cost to you.

With our state of the art metal stamping equipment, unparalleled expertise, competitive pricing, and JIT delivery of your metal stampings, we are the best precision metal stamping company for your production needs.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

At Acro Metal Stamping, we have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating our dedication to creating a robust and effective quality management system (QMS). We are committed to continuously improve our processes, optimize efficiency, and deliver products and services that meet the highest quality standards.


Acro is your go to problem solver for tight tolerance and complex components


State of the Art Equipment

Our investment in technology allows cost savings to be passed on to our customers with lower part and tooling costs along with more precision and improved drawing and forming. Acro Metal Stamping stands out in the Midwest as the job shop with the highest number of Hybrid AC Servo presses.

  • More parts per hour can be produced. Servo presses use material more efficiently
  • More processes are done in fewer operations = smaller and less expensive tools
  • Parts that used to require laser, wire or water cutting can now be stamped
  • Fewer hits = less time and less expensive tools.

In-House Tool Room

At Acro Metal Stamping, we design, build and maintain all of our own dies in-house, which helps reduce cost, improve quality, and generate faster turnaround times. Our focus on efficient tooling ensures optimal performance and reduces expenses associated with manufacturing processes. Additionally, we provide a unique benefit to our customers by offering free repair and maintenance services for all customer dies while the tooling is in our possession. This commitment to exceptional customer service not only saves our customers money but also guarantees that their tooling is expertly cared for, leading to improved efficiency and longevity.


Re-engineering & Tool Transfer

Acro understands the value of optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. That's why we provide die retrofitting services to enable seamless operation of most dies on our advanced equipment. By running your existing dies on the latest technology presses, you can benefit from cost savings and improved operations. Moreover, our team of experienced engineers is available to provide full support in re-engineering your dies for improved manufacturability.

Experience the Acro Difference

  • The Most Servo Technology Presses in the Midwest
  • Lower Part & Tooling Costs
  • More Precise Parts can now be Stamped
  • Improved Drawing & Forming
  • Faster Turnaround on Changes
  • Experts in Progressive Tooling
Acro has multiple Servo Presses


I enjoyed looking at your newest investments in equipment. Great performance on the PPM, as it is World Class. With over 100 different parts and 1,000 yearly shipments it is impressive to have a 0% defect rate on over 1 million total pieces.

Charles Geurts
Supply Quality Engineer

I have been doing business with ACRO Metal Stamping going on 10 Years. I have always been very pleased with the quality of service that that ACRO provides. I sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way ACRO has conducted business.

Steve Brinker
Purchasing and Logistics Manager

We have had a strong business relationship with ACRO for many years and they have been there for us whenever we needed them. ACRO is committed to providing their customers information, assistance, and product when it is needed.

Chris Miller
Senior Buyer

Of the four companies chosen to outsource stamping, ACRO was the most proactive and successful of our choices. They have proved to be cordial, professional, and excellent problem solvers; the first of the four to deliver parts to our dock. They have consistently delivered finished goods to our assembly lines on time or better, and their quality has been 100% to date. We can recommend ACRO without reservation.
Kirk Tyler
Master Scheduler