Acro Engineering

A complete in-house toolroom: design, engineer, and manufacture


Die Design

ACRO has a complete in-house toolroom to design, engineer, and manufacture all types of compound, progressive, draw, and prototype tooling to meet your requirements.


  • High quality cost-effective tooling to keep production and operation costs down
  • Store, repair and maintain all customer dies at no cost to customer while tooling
  • Fast tool modifications to accommodate engineering changes
  • Toolmakers who understand the pressroom
  • Wire EDM cuts your parts accurately and economically
  • SPC on all critical dimensions
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) as needed

Part Design

Whether involved during the design process or after years of production, Acro often finds itself in the position where we can recommend changes in the design or production method which will result in superior function and lower cost.

We are involved with the design for maximum manufacturability of more than half the parts that we produce here at ACRO. Sometimes it is a material recommendation, a thickness change or small tweak. Sometimes it involves total re-engineering to account for grain direction or multiple functions.


Acro Quality

At Acro Metal Stamping, we are continuously working to improve our production and enhance our position in the marketplace.

Our diligence in maintain or ISO 9001:2015 certification provides us with cost return and consistency in several ways. The investment in time and money allow our quality people with a chance to review all of our procedures and develop time saving techniques. Our continuous improvement ideas and new procedures; limit errors and reduce costs; which we can pass along to our customers
We have all of the latest Quality Tools including CMM and Digital Imaging machines. These can generate CPK, capability study, and other reports automatically; increasing our efficiency allowing for more inspections and reducing their costs.

See examples of how ACRO has reduced costs or improved manufacturability


Jim Wolfenberg


  • Accounting Background
  • Purchased ACRO in 1980
  • Overseen 4 property expansions
  • Purchased 3 Ancillary companies and rolled into Acro family

Jim Wobig

Tool Room Supervisor

  • Tool & Die Apprenticeship Certified since Oct 31 1973
  • Acme Die Design, completed 1986 (3-year course)
  • Auto-Cad Certified, SolidWorks Certified & Logo-Press and has attended numerous PMA seminars.

Bret Scott

Wire Design Engineer

  • Two year associates degree in tool & die
  • 22 year journeyman tool & die maker.
  • Auto-Cad Certified, SolidWorks Certified & Logo-Press and has attended numerous PMA seminars.

Experience the Acro Difference

  • The Most Servo Technology Presses in the Midwest
  • Lower Part & Tooling Costs
  • More Precise Parts can now be Stamped
  • Improved Drawing & Forming
  • Faster Turnaround on Changes
  • Experts in Progressive Tooling
Acro has multiple Servo Presses


I enjoyed looking at your newest investments in equipment. Great performance on the PPM, as it is World Class. With over 100 different parts and 1,000 yearly shipments it is impressive to have a 0% defect rate on over 1 million total pieces.

Charles Geurts
Supply Quality Engineer

I have been doing business with ACRO Metal Stamping going on 10 Years. I have always been very pleased with the quality of service that that ACRO provides. I sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way ACRO has conducted business.

Steve Brinker
Purchasing and Logistics Manager

We have had a strong business relationship with ACRO for many years and they have been there for us whenever we needed them. ACRO is committed to providing their customers information, assistance, and product when it is needed.

Chris Miller
Senior Buyer

Of the four companies chosen to outsource stamping, ACRO was the most proactive and successful of our choices. They have proved to be cordial, professional, and excellent problem solvers; the first of the four to deliver parts to our dock. They have consistently delivered finished goods to our assembly lines on time or better, and their quality has been 100% to date. We can recommend ACRO without reservation.
Kirk Tyler
Master Scheduler